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Real Solutions, Real Service, Real People

Who are we?

“Techlay, innovative leaders in the design, supply and installation of quality surfaces, was truly born out of necessity. At Techlay, we recognised a specific need for a company that could provide a quality holistic approach based specifically on customer need and personal service with a strong emphasis on problem-solving and solutions-based results. At Techlay we believe strongly in a hands-on philosophy, based on broad experience and attention to detail, which is reflected in our diligent concern and care for all aspects of our business.

Our comprehensive understanding of all facets stems from personal practical hands-on experience. From digging a hole to planning and implementing a substantial full-scale comprehensive project or development, our broad understanding gives us a distinct advantage over larger less personal companies who may fail to understand the distinct needs of the customer or neglect to identify the real issues. This is what Techlay is about – our vision “Real solutions…real service…real people”, where the customer can communicate directly with us to gain the best possible service, advice, support and ultimately the best solution. So at Techlay you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that we are side-by-side with you all the way from start to finish.”

John Hulme & Richard Crook